Coursework requirements for the Biotechnology Training Program

  • Biology Courses (Any two of the following): IBiS 402 Molecular Biology, IBiS 403 Proteomics, IBiS 404 Systems Biology, IBiS 406 Cell Biology, IBiS 410 Quantitative Biology, or IBiS 416 Practical Training in Chemical Biology Methods and Experimental Design (required for IBiS students)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (Any one of the following): IBiS 423 (Ethics in Biological Research), GEN ENG 519 (Responsible Conduct of Research), or CHEM 519 (Responsible Conduct of Research Training)
  • Rigor & Reproducibility in Research (IBiS 421)
  • Advances in Biotechnology (ChBE 478)
  • Additionally, the students are required to take three (3) Biotech Electives

TOTAL: 8 core courses

Note: MSTP Students will recieve credit for one biology course and one Biotechnology elective in recognition for medical school and MSTP courses taken during the first two years of medical school.

Examples of Biotechnology-Relevant Elective Courses Available in the Participating Departments

Biomedical Engineering:

Biomedical Signals and Imaging (BME 317)

Theory and Control of Biological Systems (BME 321)

Biomaterials and Medical Devices (BME 343)

Tissue Engineering (BME 346)

Mechanics of Biological Tissues (BME 371)

Artificial Organs (BME 379)


Advanced Cell Biology (Biol Sci 315)

Biology of Animal Viruses (Biol Sci 319)

Physical Biochemistry (Biol Sci 321)

Bioinformatics (Biol Sci 323)

Quantitatvie Analysis of Biology (Biol Sci 354)

Immunobiology (Biol Sci 355)

Principles of Cell Signaling (Biol Sci 360)

Protein Structure and Function (Biol Sci 361)

Functional Genomics (Biol Sci 378)

Biology of Cancer (Biol Sci 380)

Advanced Molecular Biology (Biol Sci 390)

Developmental Biology (Biol Sci 391)

Genetic Analysis (Biol Sci 393)

Virology (Biol Sci 475)


Physical Biochemistry (Chem 356)

Chemistry of Life Processes (Chem 405)

Bioorganic Chemistry (Chem 414)

Bioinorganic Chemistry (Chem 435)

Chemical and Biological Engineering:

Transport Phenomena in Living Systems (ChE 371)

Bionanotechnology (ChE 372)

Biotechnology and Global Health (ChE373)

Biochemical Engineering (ChE 375)

Principles of Synthetic Biology (Che 376)

Bioseparations (ChE 377)

Computational Biology: Principles and Applications (ChE 379)

Practical Biological Imaging (ChE 381)

Biotechnology Regulatory Science (ChE 382)

Biotechnology-focused Special Topics (ChE 395)

Interfacial Phenomena and Bionanotechnology (ChE 472)

Cell Material Interactions (ChE 475)

Cell Culture and Ex Vivo Tissue Engineering (ChE 479)