Biotechnology Seminars

A central means of Program integration are the Biotechnology Seminars, which are held once a month during both the academic year and the summer. The seminars are designed to expose trainees to currently evolving, cutting-edge areas of research and clinical applications. NU faculty members and eminent outside speakers, including those from biotechnology companies, present 45-minute seminars on their research. The seminars are attended by all funded and many non-funded trainees, many other graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, the Program Director, and other training faculty members.

Research in Progress Meetings

Each month Program Trainees also hold a Research in Progress Meeting. BTP and Cluster Trainees meet as a group with the Program Director and co-Director. Most sessions involve presentations by two current or former trainees on their research. Other sessions have involved Industrial Site visits or meetings with distinguished faculty to learn about opportunities for biotechnology.

Other Clubs

Trainees may also attend more specialized research clubs held either biweekly or once each month. IBiS students participate in several research clubs. The Graduate Student Seminar, held biweekly throughout the school year, is organized and run by the students, and is attended exclusively by the students. This seminar series provides an opportunity for students to discuss their work with their fellow students in a relaxed atmosphere. Two other clubs, the Molecular Biology Club, and the Molecular Biophysics Club have operated continuously over the last twelve years. These clubs provide opportunities for students and postdoctoral fellows in the middle of their training or beyond to present a full-length seminar to a combined audience of students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty.


Each participating department/unit runs its own seminar series throughout the academic year and frequently during the summer. The seminar listings are posted on the departmental web sites. Finally, the seminar series of BioOpportunities, which is organized by the IBiS program, aims to foster the career development of both predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees.